These are full length songs and pretty big files. It may take a while on dial up. I'll put snippets up soon.

If you can't get the streaming MP3s to work for you don't despair. It just isn't easy anymore. Everybody has a different platform, player, settings, virus protection, firewall, pop-up blocker, and on and on. We can't begin to guess all the possible problems but one solution that usually works is downloading the file to your computer.

PC users can right click on the links below and select "Save As" to download the files to your computer. Double click the file and it should open in your default player. Did you see our picture? You can trust us, we promise they won't cause a melt down.

Mac users cloverleaf-click.

1. Darling Nellie Accross the Sea
2. You're Still to Blame
3. Old Swinging Bridge
4. Next Sunday, Darling, Is My Birthday