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Our First Fan Letter - from Noah
Vern's Stage at Grass Valley Crows Candy

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Here's our latest publicity photo. Right click to save a higher resolution copy. You can also go to the bio page and get a formatted version or a printable biography. All are suitable for framing! The pictures were taken by Tom Tworek at the Bluegrassin' in the Foothills Emerging Artist Competition.

Anderson Marsh Festival in Clearlake 2008
The Mighty Crows and their Saturday performance. Photo by Dave Hendrick.

Our friends the Barefoot Nellies went there last year and said they had a good time. Our friend Buck Buckner who helps organize it said he thought it was a good time. Don Coffin who books it called and said we should come up, play a couple sets and have a good time.

Well go figure, we had a good time and have some fond memories. In addition to two sets for a fun crowd we also met some fine folks and witnessed one very bad man. We were having a beverage at the Main Street cafe and Dave noticed a high speed chase across the street. Well, not that high. The entire Lower Lake police force pulled over some guy on his Rascal scooter. Dave became VERY agitated that "the man" was hassling the poor scooter driver...or so we thought. It turned out that it was a case of grand-theft-rascal. Well, not that grand. Who says small towns don't get exciting?

Good Old Fashioned 2008
Here's a moving picture for you. Nancy Zuniga taped this rendering of Dave Evans' Highway 52 and posted it on YouTube. We should be up to a couple million views in no time at all.

Freight Night
Wow! The Crows got to play the Freight. As a local band I don't think there is anything cooler than to get to play the Bay Area's acoustic Mecca. We were totally psyched to walk in and see a big crowd that we weren't expecting. We knew that a few of our very good friends ;> (that's a crow wink) and family would be there but we didn't expect people all the way to the back. I think that having a few local/regional bands get to play a place like that brings out all their friends for the big event. Throw in some venue regulars and all the sudden you have a big, enthusiastic crowd. The Bluegrass Revolution went first. They played a lot of fast instrumentals and rock-and-rollie numbers. Next Belle Monroe and her Brewglass Boys played a fine set of crowd pleasing tunes. Then...the Crows came out and played a lot of really sad songs. A nice contrast of bands makes for a better show! We had a great time and the audience was great. Jeff's mom came all the way from Minnesota and gave it two thumbs up. She said Jeff was her favorite part. She also said that I should never make fun of the accordian or polka bands and that she would still love Jeffrey even if he did decide to pick up the bag pipes.

That's  Roz on the bass! Freight and Salvage with the Mighty Crows August 11, 2007

Good Old Fashioned Report
Hollister can be a brutally hot spot on any given day in July. This year the NCBS's Good Old Fashioned couldn't have been any luckier or better. The days were in the 80s and the nights were nothing but cool. A few of our bluegrass pals played on stage like the Barefoot Nellies and Grizzly Peak and a whole lot of our bluegrass picking friends set up camp and stayed up late. Good times! The Crows got tapped for a perfect time slot this year. We got to play Saturday night as the sun went down to a big, raucous crowd. It may have been our most fun ever. Roz played bass and did a mighty fine job. Chris was almost back in full voice and things went without a hitch. Well, a little problem with the sound at first but Paul Knight figured it out and on with the show. We got some kind words from CBA president Darby Brandli - "I thought everything you did at GOF was great: the vocals, the musicianship, the between-song banter, the wardrobe, the pacing. FIRST RATE." Awwww shucks.

The MightBe Crows at Kings River
We had a little snafu with the times and had to throw something together before Mark and Jeff even got there. We put Luke Abbot on fiddle, John Kael on banjo and Paul Knight left the sound board to play bass. Not a bad showing from the Might Be Crows considering the 40 minute warning. We were still in our pajamas when we figured it out.

Nancy Zuniga, one of the MCs at the festival, memorialized the moment.

Kings River Bluegrass Festival

Tom Tworek's picture of the Crows at Plymouth

Plymouth - Bluegrassin' in the Foothills
Tom Tworek took some pictures of us at the Plymouth Bluegrassin' in the Foothills emerging artist competition. We're proud to have emerged and look forward to playing there next year!

This is the mighty John Kael playing bass with the Crows for just how long nobody knows.

The Crows took the stage for a quick set at Jake Quesenberry's first and hopefully not only Brown Barn Festival. It was held at the same San Martin park as the 2005 Wolf Mountain Festival. Bill Meiner, our tallest fan, took this photo.

Crows play for CBA in Morgan Hill
There are more pictures of the Morgan Hill gig!

April 2006. We played the Riptide in the Sunset District in SF. Good crowd of good, music loving folks. I PhotoShopped someone out of this picture because I thought his "state" might be embarrassing. However, he's been in the same position and state each time so maybe he doesn't care!

The producer thought that dark outfits, low light and maybe a little Vaseline on the lens might improve the look of the Crows.
More pictures of the KMVT taping.
There are videos of the show!

The Mighty Crows at the Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass FestivalGood Old Fashioned came and went.The Crows hit the stage at 4:00 on Saturday. It was really hot with a lot of flies and Chris barely alive with the bronchitis. Still, we did good and brought joy to the hearts of the traditional bluegrass fans.

Our good buddy Bill Meiner took this picture. Where is Alex? Hiding AGAIN!

The Mojo Lounge in Fremont. The Mojo is a real bar, and yes, they have cocktails. We had a real good time. A few friends showed up and the locals were enthusiastic.

The bouncer said we were @3#*Z~ awesome. He also said that it was a cool bar and they hadn't had a bar fight for three months. Three months later they had a murder in the parking lot. So much for that record.

Pena Pacha Mama
One of our earlier gigs and our only one in a cave so far.
There were no bats.

A slightly better promo photo. And in case you are wondering; yes, Chris is wearing a sport coat.

The Mighty Crows Arbor Day 2006

Arbor Day in Mountain View
Can you find Alex?

Saturday, March 11...It was a beautiful morning. As the sun peeked through the clouds, melting the snow on the Bay Area hills, we braced ourselves against the frigid temperatures to celebrate Arbor Day with the fine people of Mountain View. It was definitely the coldest gig we've done to date, but the turnout was excellent and we met a lot of great people. Thanks to everyone who came out.

Suitable for Framing -


We had a blast at the GOF in 2005. We twisted Tom's arm so he took our picture. Check out a few more pictures of the Mighty Crows at Tom Tworek's site.

Look how bright and shiny we are. You wouldn't even know that we hit the stage at 9 am. In 2006 we played again but at 4 pm. 2007 we had a prime spot on Saturday evening just as the sun went down.


A poorly conceived idea for a promo photo. In case you are wondering; yes, Chris IS wearing a trench coat.