Morgan Hill CBA Concert

On March 25th 2006 the Crows played for the CBA in Morgan Hill Grange Hall. It was our first big event opening for a national band. We played for a packed house. We thought there were 200 and something people but according to the number on the left over ticket below there was 66872. This was also the first time that people in the audience weren't mostly eating drinking or making lattes. We thought it went pretty well and folks seemed pretty happy.

"I enjoyed their music very much. It does my heart good to see the younger people striving to achieve popularity in this day and age by playing the great old music that we've loved since 1946." - Jake Quesenberry, co-founder of the California Bluegrass Association, Morgan Hill Grange audience member.

Ticket number 66873 In the green room
In the Green Room ignoring the sandwiches
Ken explains the microphone to Chris
Ken points out the microphone to Chris.
The big trio
The Front Line keeps Alex and Ken safe from beer bottles and groupies. Mark's fiddle protects Mark.
The mighty crows
Jeff loves his banjo.
Unused Bluegrass Etc. and the Mighty Crows ticket. A collector's item soon to be on eBay. Fiddle Tunes
Is that Bill's head bottom left?
Ken and Alex singing Swinging a Nine Pound Hammer
The sidekicks take front and center.

Jim Ingram took these pictures. He gave them to Bill Meiner. Bill gave them to us. Thanks Jim. Thanks Bill.

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