Some things people said...

The Mighty Crows showed why their popularity just keeps growing in California. Their harmonies are tight, their stage manner friendly and witty and their song selection is superb.
-Bruce Cambell, CBA Board

I really enjoyed your set. No, let me say I was really impressed by your band... I thought everything you did at GOF was great: the vocals, the musicianship, the between-song banter, the wardrobe, the pacing. FIRST RATE. Great job!
- Darby Brandli, CBA President

The Mighty Crows always rock and made no exception at GOF.
- Mark Varner, CBA Welcome the day after

They’ve got the talent and the look to go with it, but if they take off their hats they look just like you and me. I can hardly recognize them.
-Mike Melnyk, photographer to the Bay Area bluegrass stars

I enjoyed their music very much. It does my heart good to see the younger people striving to achieve popularity in this day and age by playing the great old music that we've loved since 1946.
- Jake Quesenberry, co-founder of the California Bluegrass Association

You guys were really hot the other night at Amnesia. You had me thinking you were a real national touring band. You sounded hot and polished, and looked very professional. It was a real treat. Thank you.
- Shelby Ash, Shelby Ash Presents Bay Area Bluegrass Promoter

It doesn't get any more straight ahead than that; you all are "bluegrass boys" for sure.
- Butch Waller, High Country band leader and Bay Area bluegrass icon

You guys are @3$!#*g great.
- Bouncer at the Mojo Lounge

Thanks for the great show last night!
- Mike Russel, KKUP Bluegrass DJ and Prince of Wales bluegrass host

You guys are very professional. As good as anything at Disney World.
- Jimmy "The Goldfish" Stuart

The Mighty Crows was one of the best received Hootenanny night bands ever.
- Richard Rice, San Francisco Folk Music Club

100 gigs and counting. Here's some places we've played...

Some awards we have won...

  • Emerging Artist Completion at the Plymouth Bluegrassin in the Foothills festival.

  • NCBS Band Of The Year for 2009. We'd like to thank the academy...


Some pictures of what we looked like...
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Some video clips...
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